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Much thanks, too, to the Indonesian Global Justice (IGJ) and the committee of movements and NGOs that organized this event with the AEPF International Organizing Committee.Recently, friends in France described the AEPF as a precious vehicle that links progressive Asian and European movements - movements that work persistently for a just, participatory and sustainable world.Protective regulations will be further removed that safeguard labour, consumers and the environment.These Free Trade Agreements So we hope that our discussions here will deepen our understanding and analysis of these challenges and we can identify alternative and viable proposals that we can forward to the ASEM, EU, SAARC and ASEAN heads of states and officials.Investment agreements also stipulate that foreign investors must be compensated for any kind of expropriation.Investment tribunals on various occasions have interpreted general public interest measures as indirect expropriations warranting compensation to the investor.The proposed agreement would replace existing bilateral investment treaties between EU member states and China.

The risks associated with the dispute settlement clauses commonly included in these agreements are sparking an ever more urgent debate on a need for alternatives.Investors can challenge regulations from public authorities at all levels if they feel these may negatively affect their profitability.Through the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanisms, investment agreements can have a serious impact on policy space. They take the risk to change the World; let’s follow them. Those people present the possibility of alternatives as a way for giving up with the status quo.

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