Entitymanager merge not updating record

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To alleviate this, I updated the same entity in my controller and passed it to my jsp, although I imagine when I re-saved in session that it will also be accessible though Returning a managed instance other than the original entity is a critical part of the merge process.

If a lazy-loading relationship was not triggered on an entity before it became detached, that relationship will be ignored when the entity is merged. This book is actually a second book devoted to JPA by authors.If the relationship was triggered while managed and then set to null while the entity was detached, the managed version of the entity will likewise have the relationship cleared during the merge." All of the above information was taken from "Pro JPA 2 Mastering the Java™ Persistence API" by Mike Keith and Merrick Schnicariol. This new book has many new information then former one.I really recommed to read this book for ones who will be seriously involved with JPA.We will cover cascading of the merge() operation later in this section.If an entity being merged points to a removed entity, an Illegal Argument Exception exception will be thrown.

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