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The table I am inserting,deleting,updating and selecting is Customers which is set using the Table Name property.

Since I want the my customer grid to be sorted by Contact Name I am setting the Order By clause to Contact Name.

One of my pages shows all of our customer information from a customer table.

So, my webpage has two radio buttons (show all customers, show specific customer), a listbox (full of customer names), and a formview control.

When you select a row in the grid, the detail record will be displayed in a details view control. By dragging the Customer entity onto the designer, I will have the ability to program against the entity in my aspx file.

In order to Insert Customer using North Wind Data Context, I make use of Formview and linq datasource control. If you have been using the Formview control earlier, the code would look very similar.

I also want my customer grid to be sortable and pagable and for that I set the my datasource to Auto Sort and Auto Page.

To support inserting, updating and deleting, I simply turn on Enable Insert, Enable Update, Enable Delete on my linq datasource control.

Note that to get the property into the Drop Down List you have to handle the Drop Down List1_Data Binding like: protected void Drop Down List1_Data Binding(object sender, Event Args e) you can't handle the Form View1_Data Binding since the Data Item will then be NULL.The problem I'm having is getting the formview to update when I change modes via radio buttons or listbox selection (see code below). All ok but I have some trouble with a checkbox: when I am in update mode and I update the record, this field is never updated (no errors thrown).I am also registering with the Inserted event of the form view control.I am doing so that once the insert gets written to the database, I want to my grid of customers to reflect the new record that we just added. The code for Linq Data Source looks like this In the linq datasource, I am setting the Context Type Name to the North Wind Data Context that I generated.

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