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The Dumb Ages; misogynist silicon valley losers; Google’s .7b fine; Kiwi coders; 10 years of i Phones; drop in on Alexa; hackintoshes; You Tube TV fails; is vinyl back, no; Eddie Izzard; Petya Not Petya; Inspiro Bot; scamming Nigerians; stupid Jenners. O; Mac Ransomware; Piñata drones; where's HRobot clothes & AI futures; net neutrality; Uber firings; billionaire CEOs on sinking ships; Amazon vs Walmart; building a better web; make America fast again; WWDC; Don Quixote; overthinking the Leftovers; printer steganography; Goop; hacking Britney.

Apple giveth, Apple taketh; Kalanick Uber’s out; Tesla streams; battery tech; AI language; social media for introverts; world building is hard; Opie Solo; Payola 2.0; Banksy unveiled, maybe; Jazz chickens & Harry Potter; Mac malware; send nudes, Icela Amazon & Whole Foods; Goop Gone Wild; Uber's Peace Room; Snap down; Katybot; Goodbye, Hello; Russian vending machines; i Pads; The Dollar, TJ Miller & The Grift; Planet of the Apps; Rakka; Rise & Fall of D. Covfefe & tea; trickle-down workaholism; self-driving car news; the "passenger economy"; CRISPR beer; anticipated slide decks; EFF sues FBI; plastic surgery hacks & backend exposures; Kodi & dots; House of Cards; Twin Peaks; 3 seashells; Icelandic Costc C-YA, Imzy; burrito hacks; net neutrality; Uber owes; patent trolls; Mossberg signs out; beatings iris scans; tainted news; Amazon's brick & mortar; Fire stick & Alexa; Opera FTW; Adam Curry's still at it; Twin Peaks returns; AI paint colors; Ask Jeeves Twitter is sorry; Google/Uber Goober, Lyft/Waymo Laymo; drones & robots; information does not want to be free; Wanna Cry; hacking Mar-a-Lago; Redshirts; Home vs Echo; Opera, reborn; You Tube TV; Star Trek: Discovery; paying for tap water; goodbye, MP3?

Tech leaders on Trump; #Delete Uber; Medium goes subscription; brain hackers; Musk gets boring; IRS scams; cracking i OS; Arrival; Concrete Blonde; Blumoo; Selfie Feet aka a magnet; Lovesick & Chance; on self-abuse; the heroes of BGM; Where’s the revolut Computer, what is plural for Jedi?

Podcast One; Alt GOGPodcast; Doomsday Clock; Die with your Boots on; AI Partnership; Yahoo pushes back; Jay Z, Sprint & Tidal; dashing rogue scientists; voice apps hitting walls; escape from LA tunnels; Brave New World. Yahoo becomes Altaba; Verified God banned from Facebook; Unlimited data definition limited; Amazon misleads; paper drones; Trust us, we’re the Geek Squad; Big Picture; Viva Amiga; Bright Lights; Goat Yoga; CES of 💩.

AI nerdfight; sili CONs; Paint, undead; App-ocalypse; Taco Mode; Twitter tanking; Roomba mapping; drones falling out of the sky, the Cheetos of the Beast; Alexa slacking; pizza-taco-burgers; Take On Me; the darkening Web; Comic-Con trailers; goodbye, i Po Star Trek utopia vs Star Wars dystopia; dark web takedowns; sex-bots; robot drowning; Snap Map; Google Glass 2.0; self-driving disease havens; droning drones; Doctoress Who; Social Star camp; Microsoft fights back; panoramas gone wrong; DPRK news service.

Net Neutrality Day of (in)Action; What Did We Do; Amazon’s Geek Squad; Snap, Blue Apron stock; ads within ads; Magic Leap’s Mixed Reality; Sous-vide botnets; Twin Peaks; 80s & 90s music love; Laundry Files; Verizon hack; Alpha Bay; MOMA texts; Coke Measuring AI; retail apocalypse continues; robot journalists; Soundcloud, Microsoft layoffs, Jawbone shutters; drone identification; Xbox One; hackintosh; internet TV; Me Doc; cryptocurrency hacks; Zip Bomb; Panda solar farms; Panopticon; OK Computer.

Power surges; suing the government over the DMCA; storing biometrics; Musk’s Master Plan 2.0; mesh Guifi; the Disobedience Award; Pokeman robot societies; hacking the RNC; music rivalries; Stranger Things; winter is delaying; Bezos dons a redshirt. The ice caps are melting, Jason is stocking up on knives, Brian is becoming a coffee snob, neither of the guys want to talk about the Apple Beats non-story, and *GASP* it's hard to get a writing job in Los Angeles.

linksys sex chat scandal-2

; FB bots; Twitter slipping; recursive pixels; spying TVs; tech takes sides; file-less hacking; surviving our faster future; gaming Tinder; Spotify as a loss-leader; Burger King's instagram; Ikea's secret taxonomy; Back in Black.

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad.

Hosts Jason De Fillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

Cell brain drain; FCC shenanigans; Facebook pay-to-play; Twitter turns a profit; Pravda problems; Citizen Robot; Amazon Key & drugs; dev stacks; Forks 2.0; Queens of Quirk; Tim O’Reilly; Io T bot; fingerprint security; antipodes; Mandela, Mandela, Mand Our TL; DR episode; smartphone dystopia; three claps; DNA testing's privacy policies; AI vs machine learning, again; Facebook serves up food & elections; your memory slideshow; Uber's fake city; Star Trek loses it's heart & soul; Light Grey Web; Bigly FTOpen kimonos & making your nut; Magic Leap to nowhere; Google really is listening; Twitter is burning, arbitrarily; Facebook's FYMK secrets; Run Pee; Blade Runner's VO; Star Trek concerns; Mr. ; dark web scans; let's Disqus your pwned passwor Nerves are frayed & tensions are high; we squabble in front of Daddy Bitner; the numbers are bad!

; broken news; AIM shuts down; Uber's very bad deed; Babblefish is here; Star Trek: Upptäckt; fun with Spotify; hoisted by his own beard; heroes in monocle Zuckerberg gets Lando'd; 23 & Me; Twitter's Arbitrary 280; Ikea, tech leader; Dubai drones; Amazon's Echo Everywhere; Star Trek: Discovery, in Swedish; Orville; Terminator Redux; Tinder data; being "retired"; mining crypto-coins; when delete means delete Toys Aren’t Us; kids these days; online abuse algorithm fails; e-commerce corrections; Uber falls in London; i OS 11; Canon Keepers; Iron Danny; Googling Avril; Blue Borne; Cleaner malware; Facebook big data; 90’s websites; book recommendations; raw w Lone gun developers; hunks of glass & metal; snoozing social influencers; bad Bodega; our Amazon carts; Tesla range; Riot Fest; Star Trek & Orville; Equifax; Apple’s puzzling approach to security; habits of mediocre people; RIP Cassini; it’s complic Grumpycoin; UBI; Uber needs a pick me up; is your cellphone listening?

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