Lucahjin and proton jon dating websites

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This list will make it easier for us gals to find one another, to ask for advice, see the techniques some of us use to do well, and to get ideas from each other.I thought I'd start a place where we can share our channels with one another to get support & make friends!I have a very personal relationship with my video games and my commentary is based on sincerity. She also does a series called "A Night Playing" which is single video post of tons of different video games.Sara also posts monthly Loot Crate unboxing videos. She is also a talented Voice Actress for Indie video games, animations, machinimas, and much more!

Specializing in Let's Plays for Steam and Playstation games; Bob is not for the Amish as her vocabulary is as bold and brash as her play style. Apollo is a Let's Player who has been around for awhile.Lydia uploads Monday - Friday, with a special feature every Thursday called "Throwback Thursdays". The very first game she played was Super Mario Bros. She now plays a lot of fps games such as PUBG, Destiny or Battlefront.During this feature, Lydia uploads gameplay of an older, but nevertheless much loved game to cater to her nostalgic tendencies. She also plays anything from indie games to simulation games as well as RPGs.Bob also creates her own title cards, which can be found on her Deviant Art page. She has a very diverse list of games she plays including both old and new.Airdna is a British gamer who plays and comments on video games which she particularly enjoys; so far this has included Little Big Adventure 1&2, LIMBO, The Sims 3 and Theme Hospital. While some of her LPs are serious matters others are laugh out loud funny.

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