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So last year, she and her husband relocated to Venice Beach, which now serves as home base for her growing cannabis coaching business.Peckler holds face-to-face coaching sessions with locals and Skype sessions with singles around the world, offering advice on how to stop counterproductive dating habits and forge new connections. But many more are entrepreneurs, technology experts or other professionals who want dating advice but also happen to enjoy marijuana as their intoxicant of choice.

“It is really important that whoever you’re with doesn’t judge you for it, and accepts you for how it enhances your life.” Back home in Chicago, Peckler worked in finance for a while.“It’s really just about finding someone who has as much in common with you as possible,” she said.Though she believes shared consumption can add depth to a relationship, Peckler said partners don’t always have to bond over a mutual love for cannabis.With recreational consumption being made legal in a growing number of states, Peckler believes the stigma surrounding marijuana is starting to fade.But she also believes the one thing that will completely remove that stigma – and the attendant legal problems cannabis use poses when it comes to getting things like life insurance or advertising a pot-related business on a media platform like Facebook – is federal legalization.

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