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From early youth he exhibited a decided liking for the Order of St.Dominic, and at the age of sixteen during a visit to Venice he entered the Dominican novitiate against the will of his parents, though he was the eldest son and heir to the title and estates of his childless uncle the Duke of Bracciano.

He yielded only when it was made clear to him that grave dangers were to be feared if the conclave should be reopened.

So with tears, and obeying the command of the general of his order, he allowed himself to be proclaimed pope.

In honour of Benedict XI, a member of the Dominican Order, he took the name of Benedict XIV, which he shortly changed to Benedict XIII as Peter de Luna who had previously borne the name (1394-1423) was a schismatic.

Philip Neri, that the election of a new pope might be no longer delayed.

Before the novena was finished he saw with terror that he himself would be chosen, and, reluctant to accept a position which filled him with dread, he sought by all means in his power to prevent his election.

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