Restoring ipod touch without updating software dating messenger in german and saudi

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As we all know, the normal restore procedures for i Phone will download the latest software to your device automatically through i Tunes.If your i Phone is jailbroken, then you will lose your jailbreak after the software update.Lots of people are enjoying the i OS 10 jailbreak by Luca Todesco.It’s great to have the jailbreak, but many also need to have some way of restoring their device while keeping their jailbreak.You can always download i OS IPSW files without i Tunes, and then update the software using i Tunes itself.Select your i OS hardware to get a complete list of i OS updates for that device: That’s all there is to it.Normally, when you restore your device to factory settings it will be updated to the latest i OS version (which might not have a jailbreak).Cydia Eraser is a package on cydia that is usually able to get around this issue, but it has not yet been updated for i OS 10.‘, removes all jailbreak files from the device, allowing you to use the ‘Erase all Content and Settings’ option inside the settings app.

Is there any option to restore the phone to my most recent backup on i Tunes since I’ve got too many files, messages and photos in my phone. Do you need to proceed with a restore without upgrading to the latest version of i OS on your i Phone?Step 3: The scanning result will display on the left column, you can preview whatever contents you like and choose the items you want to get back. Step 1: Select Recover from i Tunes Backup File then you will get multiple backup files if you have created.If you choose Recover from i Cloud Backup File, you need to sign in i Cloud account with Apple ID and password.Sometimes this alone can resolve i OS download problems too.How to restore jailbroken i Phone without updating to i OS 10?

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