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The thing we conveniently call the internet, which is really just varying combinations of you, and me, and the phones and wires and media that are all connected by them, are owned and operated by very few people.

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The truly simple solution is to just offer unlimited data access for everything.

But the harm is obvious — it transfers power from consumers and small companies to gatekeepers.

Next time you see a gold-plated Monster cable at Best Buy, remember that we’re living in a new Gilded Age whose stark inequalities are often masked by corporate spin and demagoguery.

Netflix is not the problem — it’s even going to enjoy unlimited access to customers as part of Binge On, along with all the other big media brands that were called out by name today at T-Mobile's event. One of the worst possible worlds for the internet is one in which suits at companies like Comcast or T-Mobile have to meet in a boardroom before you’re allowed to experience something without limits.

That future looks more and more likely as media companies, technology companies, and telecommunications companies become more tightly integrated in complicated layers of cartel-style ownership — the same way the TV business has operated for decades. It gives T-Mobile too much power in deciding winners and losers on the internet, and it gives other ISPs incentive to adopt similar measures to stay competitive.

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