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If you go on an online dating site and dont post pictures people arent going to message you thats the simple truth. Who cares about dames, you do not have a girlfriend and you are not getting sex who cares..

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The only reason people think those are good places is because they don't feel comfortable talking to the opposite sex everywhere, so they only do it in an environment where they think it's allowed.

Most aren't paying that much attention to anyone else."Insanity is trying the same thing again and again expecting a different result." - Some smart dude While your lack of experience doesn't help, what's worse is to continue to do the same things that led to the inexperience! Doing the same old same old is NOT going to give you a different result. It says the following:"I'm probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

Basically you put up a giant wall and you're hoping someone will show up with a Trojan Horse and find their way in. I used to be very shy like you but i have made alot of progress... I have been on many dates over the years, had boyfriends and all. As far as my personality goes, I'm friendly, polite, funny and easy-going, and I'm easy to talk to.

You'll see, you will eventually come out of your shell!! You might have to get hurt quite a few times before you meet the right one! I didn't get my first girlfriend/kiss/laid till I was almost 23.

Took me awhile to crawl out of my shell and start working on myself.

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