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Part of the challenge was making discovery and “check-out” as quick and frictionless as an e-commerce experience.

I undertook a series of Mental Model demos to explore with them the possibilities of introducing two new UX patterns and expansion of search.

I was the lead UX Designer for the consulting team that was creating a portal for access to these applications and designed the core applications that would provide the administrative functionality and set the standards to which the applications would evolve.

Objects (User Groups here) were organized in a hierarchy and the attributes of these objects were nested and interrelated.

The solution was “Basecamp” style cards that allowed pivoting at every level of the hierarchy. Self-service Healthcare Benefits Selection Experience for Small Business I was part of a consulting team working for the Group Insurance division of Humana to transform the existing paper-based signup/on-boarding process which took weeks to complete.

I had a dual role as the UX Research Lead across the project and UX Designer for one of the three tracks.

Using this model and substituting Yammer Groups with Elance Jobs I produced a feed that shows all the information of interest to the user and their jobs.

Online Staffing Platform I worked with Elance at the time they were merging with o Desk (eventually relaunched as Upwork) to help them imagine what the next chapter of online work would be.

Financial Services Back Office Replatforming First Data handles 45% of all US credit and debit transactions.

They had many back office applications that had evolved independently and they wanted to allow their customers to have direct access to many of these services.

Zero Inbox concepts and Private Messages were also introduced.

This "Yammer meets Inbox" design allows users to take a more casual approach while focused on their work and switch to a more formal review as needed. Using Linkedin as a model I emphasized how search allows for directing and educating the user as well as traditional results.

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