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There were five tall and slim ladyboys in the 20-30 age bracket. barfines are in the range 800-1000 depending on short or long time. Customer drinks are very reasonable yet lady drinks are amongst the most expensive in town at 175 Baht.

A good fun, hands on, unzipped, anything goes bar that is also well cheaper than anything on Walking Street.

A mediocre 23-year-old girl told her barfine was 1,200 baht and she wanted 2,000 baht ST and 4,000 baht LT, adding same Walking.

The ladyboy gogo Baby Boom has reopened in a new development in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro. It is one of the best decorated Go Gos in Pattaya with very good music. They were up for a kiss, without undue lady drink hassle. The bar is something a little different to other Go Gos with a more lounge style layout with chairs and sofas is clusters for 4 or so people.

The only female inside is Poo, the fat wife of the Dutch owner, Josh (PA member josh1963), who is always sitting in a corner, busy on his notebook. However, no sex is required to have some fun with the ladyboys. My first visit to the bar was in the company of a few friends at am. There were about 15 ladies dressed from topless to light bikinis. The dancing is coyote with something more like bunny costumes than the usual Go Go wear.

Most of them were overweight and several even pot bellied. The lighting was poor and the music was crap and there was a terrible cigarette smoke stench.

4PLAY seems to be popular with dark-skinned customers.

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