Who is maks dating now dating mig ru

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During Monday night's episode, he particularly got upset backstage because there's a chance he won't be returning next season.PHOTOS: Jaw-dropping DWTS makeovers "Len and I will get together and talk about it.Emotionally I have no idea how this is possible twice," he said.(Judge Len Goodman revealed during the live finale show that this season may be his last.) "Derek did it five times and that was the first person that I spoke to after Meryl and I won – I was like, ' Dude, I had no clue,'" he added. When we won, I felt an abundance of emotion from everyone. Laughing, Davis remained coy about whether she and Maks were dating or not."We were just saying that this show, despite the fact that it's a reality show, puts people into really real situations," Davis told Us.They are super close and are always making plans to see each other.”So what’s next for the sexy couple?

“Erin is back to work for ESPN, but she and Maks are still finding plenty of time to meet up any chance they get. It’s a relationship – their chemistry is perfect,” the source said, saying both are “silly and sexy at the same time.”The source continues, “Erin isn’t looking to tie Maks down, but they are not ready to call it quits after spending so much time together doing the show.

She couldn’t care less about making things official or being called his girlfriend.

She is so the opposite of clingy and is content to just spend time with him and be happy.

(Hough has won five times before.) "I'm not as beside myself as I thought I would be because I'm incapable of accepting gifts or awards – we just have these dumbfounded looks on our faces, and she's a fellow Capricorn, she knows what I'm saying – I'm just thinking about the fact that this isn't our finish line," the Russian native told Us.

"It's more of, we could be brilliant but Charlie [White] didn't make the final, James [Maslow] didn't make the final. It's about the people who voted and called and stayed up overnight to vote.

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