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On the surface the quiet port city of Gothenburg doesn’t seem like it would harbor much soul music but it comes through in the dreamy rhythmical shifting moody creature that is Little Dragon.

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And it seems that the rest of the world is starting to catch on to what tastemakers from BBC’s Gilles Peterson and the DJs at Los Angeles’ influential KCRW have known for years.

It's not till 'Summertearz', a good eight songs in, that a spark ignites the audience.

Little Dragon take a ploddy album track and render it totally exuberant: sharp, seductive, unstoppably building into a big clubby number.

Little Dragon’s second album, Machine Dreams, a more up-tempo set with ‘80s influences like Prince and Depeche Mode working their way into the mix, followed in 2009.

That same year the single Twice was featured in an episode of primetime drama ” from Maximum Balloon, aka the solo project of Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio.

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